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Office of Dr. Ubaid Khokhar, MD
Board Certified Psychiatrist

20201006-135116-OPMC Mental Health Ubaid



We at FCPS work towards a common goal of improving the lives of our patients. We believe in a positive change, whether it is through medication management, individualized one on one psychotherapy or resolving complex issues with family therapy.


Our approach is an ongoing commitment and partnership with our patients, helping them in resolving the acute phase of their illness, maintaining a level of independent active living and providing with preventive counseling to avoid crisis.


The team at First Coast Psychiatric Services looks forward to continue providing their services to the residents of Clay and Duval Counties in utmost earnestness, dedication and professionalism.

World Mental Health Day
takes on new urgency during pandemic


Dr. Khokhar speaks on suicide prevention with Channel 4 News.

Dr. Khokhar discusses River Region with Channel 4 News.

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